Free Style Writing Challenge

The rules of the challenge can be found at this link:

So I got my very first “like” today on a previous work of writing I uploaded to Horridian’s Feed yesterday. I then decided to check their page out:

I found the challenge through a series of loopholes that started with checking out the individual’s website who had dropped me a “like”. Please read the rules for the challenge in the first link for context.

The Portal

Word count: 166

Completion time: 10 minutes

A unpredictable portal! Sitting in front of me, unaware of the power of which it holds over my attention. The things that it says, the ideas that it propagates. The absolute influence and charisma that it has been endowed with.

My butt is warm and sweaty against the leather of the couch I have parked it in. I haven’t moved in such a long time. Maybe I’ll get up to go get a snack… That is once it takes a break from informing me with it’s infinite amount of wisdom.

I trust fully what it tells me, the many voices that speak forth from it’s invisible mouth. I could do this all day. I can’t even remember how long I’ve been here.

I have something clutched in my meaty hand, an instrument with the power to alter the messages of which the portal speaks.

I press buttons like a baby playing with a new toy. Pointing the remote at the flat-screen mounted on the living-room wall.


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