Corvin’s Case

The Obelisk levitated menacingly off a metallic platform, the very embodiment of justice and total authority in the brave new world. I stared at the thing, straight into it’s cold, snowy white, unblinking eye; a heady concoction of fear and trepidation swirled relentless in the pit of my stomach. Perspiration pooled on my forehead, moistened my palms, and soaked the small of my back.

The courtroom remained eerily silent. They always did, they had nothing to say, mere witnesses to ensure the artificial intelligence that enslaved their everyday lives remained functioning. My friends and family were somewhere in the audience, forbidden to intervene in the court’s proceedings. The orb, hovering lazily, meandered down from it’s pedestal, floating eye-level with me now.

Onto my countenance, like a movie projector, a multitude of patterns and images swam forth from it’s glossy portal. I could feel lasers probing the innermost reaches of my psyche. Invasive tendrils slithered unwelcome into my mind’s eye. I could see memories, alien to mine, spliced with the ones that were always there. I was suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. Guilt for crimes I hadn’t committed.

The robot’s eye went from it’s previous frosty white shade, to an aggressive crimson red hue.


Came a barely audible croak from a speaker hidden somewhere within the orb’s mechanical inner workings. A strained hush fell over the assembly, they had been silent before, but now it seemed that sound waves themselves had ceased to exist.

Corvin Altorus Rideout. I find you guilty on seven accounts of rape, seven accounts of 1st degree murder, and desecration of the deceased.”

The robot judge paused for affect, it’s eye returned pale.

I find it fit to sentence you to 7 years of CrimeSim Cryotherapy, without parole.”

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