Natural Selection

Snow falls ever so softly, forming around the bases of trees, clothing naked branches in white. An icy wind breaths through the forest, numbing my face. The wood appears devoid of life, the phantom of winter having driven away the birds, and caused the great bear to retreat to his cave. Save for my face … Continue reading Natural Selection

The Lizard

It walks through the city streets, steel-toed boots make long strides down the paved sidewalk. It wears a trench coat, It's face obscured in the shadow, two glowing pin-points shine out from an unfolded collar and a worn fedora. People pass the thing by, unaware of what it really is. The evil concealed under the … Continue reading The Lizard

The Assassin’s Letter

Dearest Reader, I want to tell you a little story: With aviators concealing searching sea-blue eyes, brown hair freshly cut to a dirty 30's esque undercut, a well-worn leather jacket unzipped revealing a broken-in, muscular physique, a gold chain adorning my neck; and blood diamonds through my ears. All a disguise. I have no face … Continue reading The Assassin’s Letter

Corvin’s Case

The Obelisk levitated menacingly off a metallic platform, the very embodiment of justice and total authority in the brave new world. I stared at the thing, straight into it's cold, snowy white, unblinking eye; a heady concoction of fear and trepidation swirled relentless in the pit of my stomach. Perspiration pooled on my forehead, moistened … Continue reading Corvin’s Case

Free Style Writing Challenge

The rules of the challenge can be found at this link: So I got my very first "like" today on a previous work of writing I uploaded to Horridian's Feed yesterday. I then decided to check their page out: I found the challenge through a series of loopholes that started with checking out … Continue reading Free Style Writing Challenge

I Love Unlocking Things

I fumbled with my keys, searching for the one destined to turn the lock. After a smooth, twisting motion it would be accompanied by a familiar series of metallic clicks and groans. I loved that noise. A noise never failing to incessantly conjure up muddled memories. Inner reminiscing prone to gradual decomposition after recollection. As … Continue reading I Love Unlocking Things